Master Joe Moreira Seminars

Master Joe Moreira jiu jitsu seminars

Thank you for your interest in hosting a seminar with BJJ & MMA Legend, Joe Moreira. Joe's reputable career as a fighter began in 1996 when the opportunity to compete in the UFC came. The famous UFC referee “Big” John McCarthy was a student of Joe and got him in contact with the UFC management, but before they signed him on, they asked him to make a test. The test was a closed doors no holds barred fight in an academy against Zane Frazier. Moreira agreed and fought Zane, sweeping him and mounting before the clock stopped the fight. The UFC was impressed and signed him on. Master Joe started Judo at 6years old and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3 years later, he would receive his black belt from Francisco Mansure (1984). He would also receive his black belt in Judo in 1986 and a scholarship to Japan where he trained extensively in Judo, competing in the Judo World Cup there and placing second.

Throughout his busy fighting career Joe has maintained a rigorous travel schedule of seminars and classes. His list of students is enormous. His reaches also extend internationally to all continents.  He has 50+ Networks in the US and many other international locations.

* Anyone may host a seminar with Master Joe Moreira


Booking A Private Lesson With Joe Moreira 

* Anyone may take a private or semi-private class with Joe. No martial arts experience is required. However, proper attire is requested. Normally students wear a gi/kimono.

* All privates are taught in Corona and Costa Mesa, Ca or on location.  Privates on location are available, time permitting, for an additional charge. Please inquire for details.


Further information may be obtained directly from Joe by contacting him at the

e-mail address below.

We look forward to a seminar in your town soon!
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